Discovering Our Values – What does ATKC stand for?

The core values of ATKC today are established based on the values determined by its founder, Ang Teck Kwan. At the beginning stages of establishment, a common phrase of introduction to our customers was always “Amanah, Teman, Kawan, Cinta”, reflecting a significant meaning of each alphabet represented in the word ATKC. Translated from Bahasa Melayu, each word respectively carries the distinctive meaning of Trustworthy, Partnership, Friendship and Passion.

These core values are the bricks and mortars that make the foundation of our business today.

We take great pride and responsibility to provide you with quality products and services. You can trust we will serve you with honesty, integrity and respect.

We believe in collaborating with our suppliers, vendors and associates, having them as partners in cultivating successful and innovative business practices.

We strive to build a stronger friendship with our people and customers by understanding and responding to their needs, and providing excellent service and knowledgeable advice.

We are passionate about building our business and contribute resources to grow the community.


These four core values combined have proven to be a winning combination that has made us the formidable force in the market that we are today. By living by our core values, we will be able to continue building the future together with you.

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