A broken basin story – Not just an order, but a promise of delivery.

On 8th November 2015, we received an order from Mr. Rasmus. The order was simple and direct, which was to deliver a piece of countertop basin to his home in Langkawi, Malaysia. We completed the task in no time, and were expecting “a pat on the shoulder” from our client for such a speedy delivery! But, we were wrong!

Several days later, Mr. Rasmus emailed us informing that he has indeed received the basin, but it was a broken piece. We could sense his frustration and disappointment as the basin was needed urgently, nonetheless, he has also suggested that we should “pack the item properly in the future” in his email.

atkc_basin2The incident has completely took the online team by surprise, as we have never encountered this before. We admitted that it was our mistake, as we overlooked the entire packing process and we failed to assess the severity of the ordered item. We are responsible for this carelessness and we have to do something about it and fast!

We immediately transfer a new unit from our warehouse, and carefully examine every single inch of package to ensure that the basin was thoroughly protected. “Fragile” and “Handle with Care” labels were clearly visible on all sides of the package. We could not afford to repeat our mistake again!

Without hesitation, we quickly engaged our courier service partner and this time the package was delivered to Langkawi via air freight. We keep-tracked of the delivery status at every transition point, with the hope that the basin would reach our customer’s good hand in perfect condition and nick of time for his new home.

Few days later, we received short messages from Mr. Rasmus again, but this time with good credits!

“I received the basin in good condition yesterday afternoon. Thank you very much for your good service, I will definitely be a returning customer in the future”, Rasmus

“…, you handled it very professional”, Rasmus

“Fantastic service, when the basin arrived it was broken…, I emailed some pictures and called ATKC, they apologised… and told me they would ship a new one the next day, which they did. I recommend ATKC online shop to everybody, their service is beyond expectations.”, Rasmus [Click here for complete review]


And to Mr. Rasmus, we would like to say, “We apologize for any inconveniences caused, and it is our duty and responsibility to ensure that every single order is well taken care of! Thank you again for your support!”

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  1. Rasmus Reply

    The best service I’ve ever experienced from any online shop, very professional.

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