A Marine Cargo Incident – based on a true story!

“…Mr. Ang, we have a serious problem here, we have just opened the container, …half of the cargo collapsed and many have leaked open. The situation is very bad!”, Mr. Fauzy.

Immediately, pictures of the damaged goods start flooding into our mailbox. It was obvious from the pictures that the situation is worse than what we have expected!

The first question now is “Who shall be responsible?”
Basically, all sea freight cargo are protected by marine cargo insurance, which means any subjected risk or liability can be insured by the insurance company. In this case, there are possibilities such as rough sea waves, heavy seas during the vessel transport or even inappropriate port handling that might lead to such a ugly situation. Therefore, engaging a marine insurance investigator is the best solution that we have!

“…My client is waiting for this cargo urgently, I have a supply contract to honour, any delay will cause me penalty…, claiming the insurance will require the container to be remanded at the port for another 1 week, and I am running out of time…”, he continued.

The second question now is “What shall we do?”
We understand that we need to response urgently, but we do not know what to do next. What is the solutions? Without hesitation, we immediately called up our client and apologized. Throughout the entire conversation, we said nothing, but were just patiently listening to him. He deserved every right to be furious and angered his frustrations over the damaged goods. We would have done the same as well, given the same situation!

524070_10151133297357265_1672330795_n“…Please accept our apology. We honestly did not expect this to happen…we are so sorry over this…”, we apologized. We knew that we could have prevented this incident if we have packed the goods more securely. But, we were lacked of experience.

“…We have discussed and agreed to take full responsibility over this incident. Please assess and let us know the exact damaged quantity, and we will compensate you. We will inform the port authority to release the cargo so that you can deliver the remaining cargo to your client soonest possible. Once again, please accept our sincere apology…”, we continued. We might have suffered lost in this trade, but we stood strong with our integrity and responsibility!

There was a long pause of silence thereafter, as we waited anxiously for his reply.

“I am very happy that you said this. You are a responsible person. Don’t worry about this, I will give you more business in future to make up for your loss.”, he assured.

As of today, we have been receiving many orders from Mr. Fauzy and we frequently exchange views and ideas on our business. Not only we are business partners, we are now good friends too, thanks to the damaged cargo incident!


“We must take great pride and responsibility to provide our customers with quality products and services. And we can only earn their trust with our honesty, integrity and respect.” Our Values – Trustworthy

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