Our Date with Malaysia SME Business Newspaper 6th February 2016

On 4th January 2016, we received an email from Malaysia SME.

“Greetings from Malaysia SME. We would be interested in featuring ATKC in our paper, with the focus of how ATKC has managed to use online initiatives for the core part of the business.”

We were very excited and honoured to be featured by Malaysia SME on its publication, where we shared about how we manage to use e-commerce online initiatives to grow and expand our core business across Asia Pacific region, transcending the limit of boundaries. And we shall call this a borderless world!



[Download PDF file]

Malaysia SME business newspaper is the first and only business newspaper serving the SME community in the country. Published fortnightly, this business newspaper offers insights, analyses, in-depth interviews and open doors into the lives of highly successfully SME personalities. It also has a free controlled audited circulation of 50,000 copies.”

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  1. Khoon Reply

    SME should leverage e-commerce to grow its business no matter local or oversea. This is the best way to help SME expand business without high fixed cost.

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