Business Flowing in for Water Tank Companies – The Star, Nation 9th April 2014

On Tuesday 8th of April 2014, Ms. Hema, a journalist from The Star Newspaper daily contacted our office. She was reporting on the recent water crisis and rationing issues that have been deluging the states of Selangor and Negeri Sembilan for months.

During the phone interview, we talked and shared about our online sales of water tanks, its feasibility and some useful tips on how to select a suitable storage tank.

It was our first engagement with the newspaper media, and we have never expected it to be published on Nation page 3, which is also part of the cover story. That was simply amazing and unbelievable! We were jumping joy as we rushed to the local newsstand to grab our copies.

Since morning, we have been receiving overwhelming phone calls from the fellow readers. Most of them seek for advice and solutions on how to increase the existing water storage and also its installation process. Despite having exhausted with the marathon calls, we enjoyed every single conversation as we learned more in-depth about their concerns and problems. To help lessen their burden,  we and our merchant partners contributed by offering additional discounts and free shipping/delivery to all major affected areas.

No sales were recorded for the first few days, but it was a golden opportunity for us to promote our e-store and reach out to our potential customers. We believe that sales is not just merely about “Selling & Buying”, but more importantly sharing of useful information, offering good advice, and providing solutions to our customers.

For the year ending 2014, our sales have registered a giant leap of 300 units water tanks, and the number double folded to 600 units for the year 2015.

Thank you for your support, and thank you for choosing our e-store.

Shop conveniently, anytime anywhere.

Our distribution areas are mainly in Subang Jaya,  Petaling Jaya and Sri Kembangan, which are badly affected by the rationing – ATKC Hardware Trading Sdn Bhd

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