The Star Newspaper Metro Biz – Hardware Shop Rebooted 10th March 2015

It has been almost a year since our first featured story in the Malaysia’s mainstream daily, The Star Newspaper. We still remember vividly our interview session with its Metro Biz chief reporter, Mr. Lim Wing Hooi, and thank him so much for a great story that he has penned down for us. Appreciate it!

When the story was published, we received many congratulatory calls & messages from our fellow friends, customers, suppliers and partners. Many of them were inspired and amazed by how the children transformed the traditional family business into modern trade and how they continue to revolutionize the business into cyberspace.

For us, there is no one better deserving the utmost credits except for our father or founder, Mr. Ang Teck Kwan. During the early stage of establishment in year 2000, there are days where we do not record a single sale, and there are times we even have to pay the expenses from our own pocket, needless to say about our wages. True enough, that was one of the most difficult and unforgettable experience we have had. Frustrated and feeling discourage, the children almost gave up completely!

Only one wise man stood strong, he advised his children not to surrender easily and learn to be patience, persistence and perseverance. He has also shared many of his life experiences, and the importance of having good business ethics & values. As a visionary & supportive father, he has never stop encouraging his children from exploring the many opportunities and potentials lying in the business world.

We believe that a father’s pride comes from his children’s success in their respected fields, and we are glad to make our father proud of us!



For those of you whom have not read about the story, please refer to the following:-


“Family shows how brick-and-mortar store can not only survive the digital age but also thrive by embracing IT.”


This picture was taken personally by Lim after several attempts. He definitely has high expectation on his perfect signature shot.

[Download PDF file here]


“Hardware shop nails IT – Mom-and-pop store in Banting jumps on the digital bandwagon to remain competitive.”


[Download PDF file here]

“Online store caters to needs of urbanites”


[Download PDF file here]

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