Get To Know Us – Our Online Team

Our team comprises of young home-grown talents from different academic backgrounds, with most of their qualifications not related to Information Technology (IT). It was their personal traits, ideas, creativity and passions that captivated us during the recruitment session. We believe that the future lies in the upcoming generation, and they should be given the opportunity, guidance, trust and independence to command and excel in this digital frontier.

When we first talked about our e-commerce project back in 2012, we ended up with many mixed responses and comments. Some were positive but mostly remained negative and skeptical. However, we treated all as constructive suggestions to further improvise & strategize our project plan, and we took up the challenge!

On the year 2013, we officially soft launch our e-store with the mission to be Malaysia’s Largest Hardware & Building Materials Online Store. Like most of the start-ups, we have also encountered many obstacles. The most difficult was actually “Customer Service”, especially in managing the customers’ expectations and gaining their trust. The fact that many customers still prefer to visit the physical hardware store also posed as a significant hindrance. Some customers cited their concerns over the authenticity and credibility of our e-store, and there are some whom hesitated due to potential fraudulence activity and payment security in online transactions. Lastly but not, our biggest challenge was the delivery service as we have to handle products ranging from the smallest “screw” to the biggest “blocks of bricks”. But, we did not lose our faith, instead we march forward these hurdles with persistence and perseverance!

As result, we have registered about 10,000 visitors for the first year, 80,000 visitors in 2014 and the figure tripled to 300,000 visitors in 2015. Our sales growth have also recorded similar trend, with a total online sales of RM2,000,000.00 in 2015. Now, we even have our own logistic team to execute the deliveries! All our transporting vehicles are GPS monitored to ensure highest efficiency, accountability and on-time deliveries to all our customers. We have grown significantly over the years, and we acknowledged that we could not have done it without you!

Thank you for so much for your support.


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