We are Excellent Eagle – Golden Eagle Award 2016

29th September 2016 – It came to our surprise, when our company “ATKC Hardware Trading Sdn Bhd” was called out during the results announcement ceremony for being selected as one of the winners of Golden Eagle Award 2016. We won the Excellent Eagle category, our very first business award!

As one of the participants, we see this competition as a good opportunity to benchmark ourselves. Think of it, if we win, our company will be prominently recognized as one of the top enterprises for outstanding performance and achievements, but if we lose, it is a good time to reassess our strengths and weaknesses, identify our mistakes, correct it and make a come back the following year.

Either one, our answer is WE WILL NOT GIVE UP!

Thank you everyone for your best wishes & support.


Organized by Nanyang Siang Pau, Golden Eagle Award 2016 is a valuable platform to give due recognition to exemplary businesses, while envisioned to propel Malaysia corporates to charge forward for greater development.

In view of today’s dynamic economic environment, Golden Eagle Award 2016 will focus its seminars on four specific topics:

  • New Strategies to Tackle Currency Fluctuation
  • New Internet Tools
  • New Businesses to Go Global
  • New Values of Human Capital

Eyeing the world with creativity aplenty, Nanyang Siang Pau is in the hope that corporates can fuel their businesses by demonstrating creativity to weather any obstacles. Just like the mighty eagle with great wisdom, they can react and adapt to changes swiftly along the course, while soaring fearlessly to greater heights.

Award Categories

  • Eminent Eagles
  • Excellent Eagles
  • Emerging Eagles
  • International Eagles


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