The Star Newspaper Metro SMEBiz – Going hard at IT

It was indeed lucky to have a revisit from The Star newspaper daily since our last featured story on March 2015. And this time, we made it to the cover story of Metro SMEBiz – how the siblings transformed the business and going online into the digital era, and still thriving! We also shared about our progress, plans & strategies, and also the challenges in integrating e-commerce into export business.

“It’s about seeing your customers being happy.”

“Many of the things we did earlier incurred cost, but if we are just looking at things from the money perspective, we would never be where we are now.”

Read about our story at The Star Metro SMEBiz dated 31st October 2016.


Gunning for success

“When Ang Kok Gei and his two siblings decided to join the family’s hardware store business after university, their father was aghast rather than thrilled. But the trio has since modernised the business and added an online store, and ATKC Hardware is thriving.”


[Download PDF file here]


Going hard at IT

“A hardware store is likely the last thing on one’s mind when one thinks about digitising business and going online. But ATKC Hardware in Banting is one such business that has made the transition into the digital era..”


[Download PDF file here]

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