Save More with loyalty@atkc, a Customer Loyalty Program

Introducing loyalty@atkc, another innovative program by ATKC. This is a customer loyalty program to provide great flexibilities, efficiencies, and rewards to our loyal supportive customers. With this, you can enjoy great privileges and savings with our widest range of building products and services, aligned with our objective,
“Spend More, Save More…”


What is loyalty@atkc?

loyalty@atkc is a customer loyalty program to provide great flexibilities, efficiencies and rewards to our loyal supportive customer.


What is the objective of loyalty@atkc?

To communicate & reward our supportive customers and to understand their needs and expectations, in providing them with the widest range of building products, and best services at the most reasonable price.


What is the privileges of using loyalty@atkc?

  • Ease & efficiency in purchasing
  • Information on purchasing history
  • Latest news & updates on our products & services
  • Great savings on selected items *
  • Rewards on loyal supportive customers *


How does the loyalty@atkc work?

Registered customer is given a membership card, which must be presented and scanned by our computer system prior to purchases. The details of each sales transaction will be recorded under the designated member’s account. For any next purchases made, our business support system will automatically retrieve the historical transaction data and provide an efficient purchasing environment to the member.


How do I register for the loyalty@atkc?

Just follow the following steps to register and start using the loyalty@atkc membership card:
1) Register by filling up membership form available at our service desk, or click here to register.
2) Upon confirmation of registration, you will be notified for membership card collection.
3) Start using your card for every purchase made at our company or our participating business partners.
4) Browse through our members’ catalogue or make enquiries at our service desk to enjoy great privileges and discounts.


Is the membership registration free?

Yes, it is absolutely free for all qualified customers based on our terms & conditions.


* Terms and conditions apply

Register Now & Enjoy Great Privileges!