Services Project Management

Project Management

We help represent the Developer and to provide overall coordination and management of the entire project as required by the Developer after preliminary stage and assist the Developer on all issues related to the Project. Our Project Management services includes the following:

Design Stage (Pre Tender Phase)

  • Co-ordinate and represent the Developer on all issues related to the Project, including but not limited to design and construction.
  • Represent the developer as the Superintending Officer on all contracts
  • Co-ordinate all parties associated with the Project
  • Control and conduct tender interviews and co-ordinate the tender selection process
  • Conduct and prepare the relevant consulting and contracting agreements
  • Prepare programs and implement Project time management
  • Provide regular reports for the Clients’ information on the project status
  • Co-ordinate the preparation of budgets and cash flows to ensure comprehensive Project cost management
  • Ensure appropriate systems of Project Quality management that will be implemented by other
  • Co-ordinate consultants and contractors for all post contract requirements and issues
  • Control and coordinate all design, design development and construction elements of the Project
  • Coordinate the reporting of the status and progress of the project to the Developer at regular intervals

Construction Stage (Post Tender Phase) – Construction Management

  • Establish a management report systems
  • Develop quality assurance procedures with Consultants
  • Review and offer comment on various trade contractors’ plant and equipment provisions and site manning proposals
  • Review and offer comment on the design of all temporary works and construction methodologies prepared by contractors for approval by the design team
  • Manage the establishment of the site in terms of ingress and egress and allocate areas for offloading, storage of materials, temporary workshops, worker ablutions, rubbish collection, site office accommodation and vehicle parking
  • Manage the establishment of a site-safety protocol and communicate the rules and regulations for control of on site safety to all trade contractors, consultants, suppliers, organization and individuals that visit the project site
  • Monitor any restriction on delivery of materials that may be imposed by local authorities and the requirement for supervision of the delivery, and placement of materials out of normal working hours
  • Chair construction management meetings and report at project control group meetings with client
  • Establish and implement procedures for reviewing and processing requests for clarifications and interpretations of the Contract Document; shop drawings, samples and other submittals; contract schedule adjustment, change order proposals; written proposals for substitutions; payment applications; etc
  • Establish and implement a change order control system to be executed on site
  • Drafting and developing contract administration forms, reports and procedural action task-list in respect of obligations and responsibilities under the contract
  • Respond to Contractor’s queries and issue Site Instruction; all Site Instruction that have time and cost implication have to be pre-approved by the Client before Site Instruction are issued
  • Coordination of on-going design input during construction
  • Preparation of Construction programmes, monitoring and adhere to the same during the project
  • Assess extension of time claims and adjudication thereof for client’s approval
  • Liaise with Design Team to resolve issues impacting construction
  • Pro-active early identification and mitigation of issues with the potential to impact construction cost, time, quality or safety
  • Coordination of contractors shop drawings with designers (review and approval by the clients’ designers)
  • Ensure quality assurance procedures are implemented by Contractors
  • Carry all necessary quality control inspection
  • Coordinate and minute meeting with Client
  • Formally review and document construction progress at Client Project meetings
  • Provide advice on construction matter as required
  • Chair and minute Design Coordination and Construction Coordination meetings
  • Undertake negotiations with Contractors as necessary, if instructed by Client Coordinate prototypes and samples for Client’s approval

Certificate of Practical Completion Stage (Post Construction Phase)

  • Coordinate equipment commissioning and building handover
  • Compilation of detailed defects lists and handle purchasers on handing over of vacant possession
  • Collate warranties, operation manuals and as-built drawings for distribution
  • Assist Quantity Surveyor (QS) in settling disputes as they arise between the Client and the Contractor, rendering expert opinions on the contractual position of a potential dispute to encourage settlement before engaging in full scale proceedings
  • Assist the QS in valuing variations of the works as and when they arise
  • Assist QS in obtaining records in support of any claimed change orders as necessary
  • Assist the QS, as necessary, in valuing the works carried out by the Contractor for each monthly progress payment

Contractual Management

We can assist Contractors and provide overall contractual management and coordination of project contractual issues including the following services:

  • Assist on all daily contractual correspondence based on the Works condition of contract framework to maximize contractual rights of Contractor
  • Review all documentation issued by Owner’s Representatives and Project Consultants to ensure all time and cost rights belonging to contractor is adequately covered and responded contractually
  • Preparation and establishment of master work programme based on Contractor’s work sequence and methodology complete with critical path
  • Preparation of site possession preliminary documentation such as site logistics and planning, quality assurance and control plan based on discussion with Contractor
  • Prepare method statement of works, as and when required by Owner’s Representative based on Contractor’s work method and sequence
  • Update master programme work progress and assist on the construction strategy and catch up action
  • Preparation of catch up programme, as and when required by Owner’s Representative based on discussion with Contractor
  • Preparation of weekly progress report for submission to Owner’s Representative
  • Chair and coordinate weekly meetings with Contractor’s staff to discuss and ensure that all aspects of contractual issues are covered in the daily correspondences
  • Detection of possible contractual cost claim under the project contractual frameworks
  • Preparation of extension of time claim